Matt Hathaway
Accounting Manager
Richardson Properties | Corporate Office
735 Tank Farm Road Suite 130
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Matt has been lucky enough to live on the beautiful Central Coast for over 30 years, and is currently a homeowner in Los Osos, California. His roots in San Luis Obispo County date back to 1972 and his family has owned various properties in Los Osos since 1980.

Matt has up-to-date knowledge of SLO County Real Estate pricing trends and can arrive at a property’s pricing objectively. He gathers supporting data pulled from the current, local, real estate market. Matt also conducts market analyses and prepares graphs and reports that are used in determining the pricing on many of the new home projects that Richardson Properties brokers.

Because of his over 30 years of experience in client-based business, Matt understands the importance of maintaining good communication. He prides himself on being reliable, knowledgeable, and available for his clients.

Matt has a bachelor’s degree in Business and, prior to joining the Richardson Properties Team as a Real Estate Agent, spent 15 years as a District Manager and General Manager.

Matt is a father and grandfather and spends every possible moment with his grandchildren doing all the important things in life, like reading books, playing ball, and going to the beach.

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